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Dollhouse Scale Guide

Understanding dollhouse scales is a must for any budding hobbyist. Below we have information on the most common scales that you will find in our store. Note that the majority of our store items are 1:12 scale unless otherwise noted.

Playscale (1:6) - 1/6

Playscale is also known as Fashion Doll Scale (think Barbie).  These items are perfect for fashion dolls to use as they are larger than the common 1:12 Scale known in the Dollhouse Miniature world.

1 Inch (1:12) - 1/12

This is the most popular scale by far and what the majority of our inventory is comprised of. 1:12 scale is an easy conversion, if it's 1 Foot in real life, then the scale version is only 1 Inch tall.

½ Inch (1:24) - 1/24

Half Inch scale is also fairly popular. You will find many of the half in scale items in our store. They will be clearly marked as such. 1:24 scale conversion is also pretty simple, a real life object which is 1 foot tall would be 6 Inches tall in a half inch miniature.

¼ Inch (1:48) - 1/48

Quarter Inch scale miniatures are becoming more popular, and have quite a dedicated following. A 1:48, most commonly referred to as a 1/4 Inch miniature is easy to convert as well. A real life object which is 1 foot tall would be only 3 inches tall as a 1/4 inch miniature.

Dollhouse (1:144) - 1/144

This is most commonly used for scaling items for within your dollhouse. For example, a dollhouse to go in your dollhouse must be 1:12 scale in reference to your dollhouse. The correct scale for the item is 1:144. The real 1 foot tall to 1/144 scale is only 0.83".  These are also often used for railroad settings.

Here is a 1 foot chart:

Scale Real Life Size Miniature Size
1:6 1ft 24in
1:12 1ft 12in
1:24 1ft 6in
1:48 1ft 3in
1:144 1ft 1in (.83")