About Us

A Dollhouse Shoppe

A Dollhouse Shoppe is a full service, full time, brick and mortar store, web store and mail order store.

We are open all year round.

The company is wholly Canadian owned and operated by Catherine and Kerry McMaster.

We stock a full line of miniatures and dollhouses, over 3,000 in stock, with access to over 50,000 products worldwide.

If we don't have it, we will get it for you with no added charge to the price or surprises.

Our catalogues are open to the public, allowing our customers the luxury of picking and choosing their products without being limited to in stock items only.

Our prices are Canadian, and we now have other currencies available on our website for you to use,  but we will gladly convert our prices to any other currency as we sell world wide.

We have numerous catalogues available for your shopping pleasure.

Family owned and operated for 20 years, we have been involved in Miniatures and Dollhouses as a hobby for over 30 years.

We decided to turn our love for the hobby into our full time business in 1999, and the results have been wonderful.

A Dollhouse Shoppe was originally a side line of our full size furniture business, which had been run by our family since 1991.

We have hired part time and temporary staff as needed, but our customers miss the personal touch when we aren't available,
so we try to be as accessible as possible.

Please don't hesitate to ask for us personally.

Our company believes in Customer Service as priority Number One.

We strive to personally serve each and every customer in person on the phone, or via the internet.
There is always a real person behind every transaction or query.

While the business was originally run by Catherine, she now has a new partner, in life and in business, Kerry McMaster.

Kerry has quickly learned all about the miniature world and has become a permanent fixture with the business.